wishlist: show line numbers in annotate output

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Feb 28 15:22:15 GMT 2007

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I'd like to propose new flag for annotate command: --show-line-numbers
> or --line-numbers. With this flag annotate output should include
> number for each line. Per example, standard output without line
> numbers:


> Use case:
> I run the script and found the problem, and python traceback usually points me to
> the line number. (For C-code compilation error also points to some line number).
> I want to see annotation of the file with error. I run
> $ bzr ann file | less
> and then I have no reference point where what line is.
> I know I can type line number and 'g' and less jump to selected line.
> But when requested line is near to the end of file, there is no
> easy way to actually calculate where requested line is.

Well, I use an editor which shows me what line I'm currently on. Or can
put line numbers on the left for me on request.

However, I'm certainly fine with adding a '--line-numbers' flag.

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