[PATCH] bzr status --versioned

Kent Gibson warthog618 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 06:21:35 GMT 2007

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Attached is a patch that adds a --versioned option to bzr status,
similar to the one already in bzr ls.
With the --versioned option all unknowns are omitted - effectively
they are treated as ignored.

I find this useful for those occasions where I can't be bothered
keeping .bzrignore up to date, or where the ignore patterns I want for
adds differ from those I want for status (for the status I just want
to see which versioned files have changed, damn it).
Sure, I could post-process the output of bzr status (or more likely
bzr status --short), but why waste CPU cycles generating and then
filtering unknowns I don't want to see?

As part of the patch I refactored TestStatus.test_status into 3 -
test_status_plain, test_status_short and test_status_versioned.  I'm
not totally happy with that split (it repeats the test procedure 3
times), but I wasn't happy adding --versioned tests to the existing
case, which was big enough already, nor with trying to break the
procedure into separate cases.  Any better suggestions?

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