[MERGE] bzr rm should delete the working file (Bug #82602)

John Whitley whitley at acm.org
Fri Feb 16 17:48:41 GMT 2007

Daniel Parks wrote:
> Another option is a short option to delete the working file, a la - 
> f in CVS. -f stands for "force" in CVS, I think, so perhaps its not  
> right for bzr. Even with the above algorithm, an explicit option  
> would be nice.

I like this idea.  IMHO, the commands rm, remove, and unversion  
should be outright aliases of one another; anything else is too  
confusing.  Add an explicit --delete (maybe with -D for short) option  
to allow users to remove the associated files.

I would agree that there needs to be a recursive option, at least.   
Failure to have this option breaks consistency with the rest of  
Bazaar (e.g. the ease of adding or moving directories).   Directories  
are first-class entities in Bazaar, thus operations on files should  
also be possible on directories.

-- John

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