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Matthias Rahlf rahlf at
Tue Feb 13 13:25:08 GMT 2007


> The only bash completion I can find is this stub:
> it would be good to add some, and to add tests for shell-complete at the
> same time.
> Would it even be feasible to do 
>    eval `bzr shell-complete --bash`
> and have bzr emit all the code necessary to set up completion?  Can we
> do it inline or does the shell require a file?

This could get complicated. Some time ago I looked at the bash
completion code for svn and all thoughts of doing something similar for
bazaar were vanishing. I lack the zen of bashism, I guess.

I just wrote a small function that does the job for me. Anyway, it might
help other bash users. (Source the attachment in your ".bash_profile".)

bye, matthias
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