bzr shell-complete

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Feb 12 22:59:51 GMT 2007

On 12 Feb 2007, Matthias Rahlf <rahlf at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Serendipity let me find the "shell-complete" command. This seems to be
> intended for zsh-completion. Is there anything similar for bash?
> However, it is partly broken (shellcomplete_on_options:
> Option.short_name is now a function) and there is no test case.
> Does anybody use this command? IMHO this should better be a plugin or at
> least not only support zsh.

I do use bzr zsh completion, though I hadn't noticed that the option
completion was broken.

Splitting this into a plugin could be worthwhile.  It could even be a
plugin shipped with bzr.  It should also carry the shell side of the
completion tools and document how to install it.

The only bash completion I can find is this stub:

it would be good to add some, and to add tests for shell-complete at the
same time.

Would it even be feasible to do 

   eval `bzr shell-complete --bash`

and have bzr emit all the code necessary to set up completion?  Can we
do it inline or does the shell require a file?


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