0.15 release date changes

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Feb 7 19:13:45 GMT 2007

Nicholas Allen wrote:
>> I'd prefer to stick to the usual schedule.
>> I supported taking longer on 0.14, because I felt if we stuck to the
>> usual schedule, we would not have enough improvements to justify a
>> release.  But especially considering how frequently kind-change bugs are
>> being reported, I think we have enough here to justify a release.
> I find that quite an annoying bug and I think it makes sense to have
> release that fixes it as soon as possible.
> Also, would it be possible to squeeze a fix for the push command bug I
> recently reported into 0.15? For me, it is even more annoying as the
> push command no longer works between branches in the same repository. As
> the push command is a fairly basic/essential one it would be great if it
> could be fixed before 0.15 otherwise I imagine many users will report
> this same bug...
> Cheers,
> Nick

I think not being able to push between branches sharing a repository is
a regression, and it is something that should be fixed before 0.15 is

I don't have a good feeling for how to fix it right now. I'm hoping
Robert might have a better idea, since it was his updates adding
Branch.push() that changed the behavior. (I have the feeling he made it
more "correct" which is now causing problems that we were avoiding in
the past).

Another possibility is that we are somehow creating 2 branches rather
than just 1 target branch, and we are locking both of them.  I'm not
really sure.


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