0.15 release date changes

Erik Bågfors zindar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 12:41:00 GMT 2007

On 2/7/07, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net> wrote:
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> Martin Pool пишет:
> > We're now in the last scheduled week of development for 0.15.  Some very
> > useful changes have come in (or will shortly).  Two in particular I
> > think will be appreciated by many users fixing bugs related to files
> > changing kind (eg from file to symlink), and allowing bzr mv after the
> > file has been moved.
> >
> > We had wanted in this release[0] to to several medium-large changes:
> > splitting the inventory, changing to a new working inventory format
> > (dirstate), adding tags and making the smart server smarter.  I know
> > people have been working hard on them both in Amsterdam and elsewhere,
> > but it looks like most of them will not land by next Monday.
> >
> > Therefore (wearing my release manager hat) I propose we change the
> > schedule to allow another two weeks of development, so we can get more
> > features into this release.  The new dates would then be:
> >
> >   26 Feb    feature freeze
> >    5 Mar    release candidate
> >   12 Mar    release
> >
> > This doesn't mean we're going away from time-based reviews: if we don't
> > get these in by the final freeze date then we will go without them.  But
> > I certainly hope we can get several of them in.
> Probably in the future it make sense to use 2-3 months between releases.

Release early, release often. I really believe that while bzr is being
developed this much, it's good to release often.  In each release
there has been performance enhancements, as well as other
enhancements.  Since lots of people compare bzr to hg in performance,
it's really good to get updates out as fast as possible to show that
things are happening in this regards.

I also think that having a "this is the next thing we do"-list for
people to look at would be good.

/Erik - still alive...

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