bundle buddy merges to other projects

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Feb 6 16:46:14 GMT 2007

Szilveszter Farkas wrote:
>> My perpective is more that these bzr-gtk folk are spamming Bundle Buggy.
>>  And really, they're spamming the list, too, because it's not
>> necessarily clear from the subject which project the merge is for.
> Sorry, we just wanted to make our work more visible, since many people
> didn't know what's going on...

I think calling it 'spamming the list' is a very strong statement. And I
certainly don't feel that way. While I agree the requests are not
specifically for the 'bzr' project, I think they are for *very* related

And we have a long history of mentioning and discussing changes to any
plugins, extensions, etc to bzr on this mailing list.

Theoretically we could have a separate 'bzr-plugins' mailing list, or
even a 'bzr-gtk' mailing list. But I don't really think that is warranted.

I can see that [bzr-gtk][merge] can be better, and for BB it is easiest
to collapse this to something like [bzr-gtk:MERGE].

But I really don't consider it spamming a mailing list to post messages
that are completely relevant on that list.

>> It's not hard to avoid tripping BB; just don't start your message with
>> "[MERGE".  For example, "[bzr-gtk:MERGE" would solve both spamming
>> issues.
> We'll act like this in the future, no hard feeling please.
> Cheers,
> Szilveszter / phanatic


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