RFC: Possibility to re-edit last commit message

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Tue Feb 6 07:22:50 GMT 2007

Hi Martin,

On (06/02/07 13:10), Martin Pool wrote:
> So it looks like people agreed this shouldn't alter the files included
> in the revision, only the revision metadata: mostly the message, but I
> suppose possibly also the committer or date.  If you want to change the
> contents of the tree it's probably best to uncommit and recommit, since
> in this case you might well want to edit files as well as including or
> excluding them.

John was interested in file changes, and I think it is useful to be able
to do both.

> I like Robert's idea of adding a revision property that says that it
> supersedes the removed message.
> This has some things in common with commit: it (internally) makes a new
> revision, and takes options giving a message.  On the other hand it does
> not take the file options, and from the user's point of view it's quite
> different.
> darcs has 'amend-commit' as a separate command.  Maybe 'fix-commit' or
> 'correct' would be a clear name.  I think 'amend' is ok though.
> We should structure the commit code to avoid duplicating special
> handling of checkouts etc.

I have started the implelementation of a plugin to provide amend-commit

It's not functional yet, it's stalled while I did the start_message

It was going to do the uncommit and commit approach, as I thought that
this gave greater flexibility. Yes, it would be easy to do that
manually, but you lose the commit message if you do that, which is a
disincentive to write good commit messages.



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