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Angela seasonalplume at
Tue Feb 6 06:49:55 GMT 2007

Hello, I have another question, this time about how revisions are stored.
I've been reading the website and from it
says that revisions don't store an exact copy of every single version.
Additionally I've read that commits don't succeed unless something in the
branch has been modified (or you use --unchanged).

My question/request for clarification is, does that mean that when you run a
commit (say on a whole branch), Bazaar-NG only looks at modified files and
stores information about that? So unmodified files in each successive commit
don't add up to the total size of the branch?

The reason why I'm asking (in case it would help clarify what I'm asking) is
because I'm thinking of making a few directories versioned on my computer,
and instead of having to run bzr to commit everytime I change something, I'm
thinking of scheduling a task for bzr to try to commit said
directories/branches on a regular basis (say daily or weekly); since Bazaar
won't commit if nothing's changed, that works according to plan, but now I'm
curious as to which is "better" in terms of storage space, commit a
particular FILE (i.e., if I edit something, I commit it afterwards) or if I
should just let the scheduler take care of things since it will only commit
the file (in essence) after all.



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