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James Westby jw+debian at
Thu Feb 1 22:04:58 GMT 2007

On (21/12/06 21:32), James Westby wrote:
> It's dropped off my radar again I'm afraid. I'll make time in the new
> year to finish it off and at least get this part of the work merged. It
> seems like the final part of the patch is going to be a little work, but
> this part should be OK.

Sorry for the delay. I finally got around to at least adding the
show_log to the LogFormatters, which starts the deprecation period, and
allows adventurous log formatters to start doing things.

It's a bit ugly to allow duck typing. John mentioned that there probably
aren't any left as there was a warning there for a long time for people
doing that. This patch takes the warning out, but maybe it could be
changed to a deprecation period as well, to avoid this sort of issue in

The next patch can be a cleanup to make it easier for subclasses to do
their thing and to break up the large _show_log function.

See the commit message if you don't remember what is going on here.



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