assert failure traceback

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Feb 1 07:09:15 GMT 2007

On  1 Feb 2007, Aaron Bentley < at> wrote:
> Tracy Camp wrote:
> >>> 187, in _compare_trees
> >>>     assert kind[0] == kind[1] or None in kind
> >>> AssertionError
> You have changed a file's kind.  e.g. turning a file into a directory, a
> directory into a symlink, a symlink into a file...
> This is not permitted by bzr.
> I'm not interested in trying to fix it, because I haven't been able to
> get approval for a status format that would show kind changes intuitively.

Was the status display format really the only thing that prevents this
being fixed?  If so that's a bit ridiculous.  Any display would be an
improvement; indeed just giving a decent message would do.  (If you
are not interested any more I understand and I'm sorry your patch didn't
get in.)

Since this (kind changes) is something that does actually happen there
is no point saying it's not supported.


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