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Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jan 26 20:00:57 GMT 2007

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Nicholas Allen пишет:
>> Good for you. Not so good for someone who has put several projects to
>> same repository. When that someone pushes or someone other pulls from
>> him/her, all the other project tags go too.   
> I agree too. Currently, in bzr you could make your home directory a
> shared repository so that all projects are stored in the same repo and
> you don't have to keep setting up new ones for new projects. I don't
> work like this but I can see how some people might like to. If the tags
> are mapped across the repository then this would cause lots of problems
> wouldn't it? Nothing stops a developer doing this and then they will get
> all sorts of problems with the tags if they are not unique across all
> projects. I would also like to give a tag like 0.1 without having to
> specify my-project-0.1.

This probably make sense, but...

> I would like versioned tags that are part of a branch and not repository.

This is really *bad* thing, IMO. Because in this case you easily go to in situation
when you will have several branches of one project with only tag in one branch.
Or with one tag that points to different revisions in different branches.
And in latter case you get different result when using tag with the same name
in different branches. Because this is implicit it will guide to big problems
when you'll need to dig to deep to understand why different branches
of the same projects behaves differently.

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