[merge] tags in repository

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at niemeyer.net
Thu Jan 25 18:04:49 GMT 2007

> There is a big problem with 'versioned tags that are part of a branch',
> in that if you update a tag to something newer, you can't see that in
> your branch.

That's only true if you're managing tags under the same revisioning
used to control the branch state. It's not related to storing versioned
tags inside the branch or with the repository.

> You still get into problems with having an old branch and wanting to
> update to a specific tag from another branch without having to pull from
> that branch.

I belive this is going to be an issue that must be considered, no
matter where tags are stored, or if they're versioned or not.

> No implementation can satisfy everyone all the time, so we need
> something to satisfy 95% of the use cases.


Gustavo Niemeyer

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