merged latest fixes from bzr.0.14 branch

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Jan 25 00:11:39 GMT 2007

On 24 Jan 2007, Aaron Bentley < at> wrote:
> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> > This fixes already in our codebase, so I simply merge them from 0.14 branch to
> > Patch attached.
> > I think this lies in category 'trivial fixes' so I did this without merge request.
> Unfortunately, this is against policy.
> Policy is that once bzr0.14 branches from, never does a
> complete merge from it.
> The divergence is maintained so that it is impossible to accidentally
> pull into bzr0.14.
> I think it's an unfortunate policy-- merging the changes in a release
> branch into the development branch is an eminently reasonable thing to
> do.  But it is policy, and until it changes, we should follow it.

I think, given the way we work now, this is not worth keeping.  Being
able to merge across is pretty useful.  Does anyone want to keep it?

In doing the merge you should be careful that NEWS entries go into the
right place.


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