Tracking changes -- merge unrelated banches?

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at
Tue Jan 23 17:09:42 GMT 2007

Aaron Bentley < at> writes:

> Jari Aalto wrote:
>> Aaron Bentley < at> writes:
>>>Now, if do have matching file-ids, you can cherrypick the changes to fix
>>>bug23456 (for example) into foo-devel.
>> So I've hit an point where the cherry picking would be the thinkg to
>> use (if we had one).
> We have one.  It's "merge -r BASE..END".  BASE is the direct parent of
> the (first) revision that introduced the changes, END is the (last)
> revision that introduced the changes.

Ah, that works (just moved a change to another branch). Thanks.

> We don't advertise it widely because we don't record cherry-pick
> metadata, but since you don't care about metadata...

If it were possible to name the revision range in branch, this would
become even easier:

    bzr merge -r name:bug ../+bug23456/

Where "name:" would be pseudo qualifier to retrive named range "bug" from
branch. Like if issued a command

    cd ../+bug23456/
    bzr name -r2..5 bug

Wish, we'd had a command like that.

>> would be just temporary branches that hold the fixes; which are only
>> items to be transferred to the appropriate releases, until they are
>> integrated to the upstream releases.
> If there were upstream metadata, it would indicate when the upsteam had
> merged the fixes.  So it would at least be convenient.

Sure, look forward to seeing one. In the mean time the above method
gets the job done, although it's a little work.


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