bzr-svn 0.3 - Other weird errors

Nicholas Allen allen at
Fri Jan 19 15:36:54 GMT 2007


I tried some simple tests with bzr-svn. I created a local svn repo using 
the svn file protocol. I then branched this repo with bzr. Added a file 
and then pushed to the repo. I then checked out the repo with svn added 
another file and committed. In the bzr branch I then modified the first 
file committed and then tried to push. It correctly told me that the 
branches had diverged and that I needed to merge first. So I merged from 
the svn repository but the I got a conflict in the first file (which was 
not even modified in the repo). Doing a bzr status showed some strange 

 bzr status
  hello.txt => hello.txt.THIS
  Contents conflict in hello.txt
pending merges:
  ubuntu 2007-01-19 Add test.txt
    ubuntu 2007-01-19 Added hello.txt

The exact sequence of commands I executed were:

cd /tmp
svnadmin create svnrepo

bzr branch file:///tmp/svnrepo test-bzr
cd test-bzr/
echo hello > hello.txt
bzr add hello.txt
bzr ci -m "Added hello.txt"
bzr push --remember file:///tmp/svnrepob

cd ..
svn co file:///tmp/svnrepo test-svn
cd test-svn
echo test > test.txt
svn add test.txt
svn ci -m "Add test.txt"

cd ../test-bzr/
echo "Hello from bzr" >> hello.txt
bzr ci -m "Update hello.txt in bzr"
bzr push                                                               
   <--- Correct error that I need to merge first. Things go pear shaped 
from this point on though...
bzr merge                                                               
bzr status                                                               
<--- Weird status after merge as hello.txt was not changed at all in 
subversion working copy. There should be no conflicts

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