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Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Jan 17 11:57:06 GMT 2007

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Marius Kruger пишет:
> I attached some bundles which both work on my pc.
> Try the xbm icon one first, if that works on windows, I think its platform
> independent enough.
> I also attached my first approach with a .gif icon for in case the xbm one
> does not work on windows for what ever reason.
> (They are independant, as I reverted my first attempt before trying again)

I try both on Windows and Cygwin.
Gif works on Windows but not on Cygwin:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 23, in ?
  File "/cygdrive/d/Bazaar/bzrconf/gificon/bzrconf/", line 20, in main
    app = Application([gm, am])
  File "/cygdrive/d/Bazaar/bzrconf/gificon/bzrconf/gui/tkgui/", line 24, in __init__'wm', 'iconphoto', self.root._w, img)
_tkinter.TclError: bad option "iconphoto": must be aspect, attributes, client, colormapwindows, command, deiconify, focu
smodel, frame, geometry, grid, group, iconbitmap, iconify, iconmask, iconname, iconposition, iconwindow, maxsize, minsiz
e, overrideredirect, positionfrom, protocol, resizable, sizefrom, stackorder, state, title, transient, or withdraw

xbm works on Windows and Cygwin but actually icon appear as (almost) black square.
I assume something wrong with transparency channel.

But on Windows and Cygwin ico works the best.
So I'd like to use different formats for different platforms.
Especially because I anyway need ico for creating stadalone

If someone else try xbm and gif on their system I'd like to hear
what format is the best to use on Linux.

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