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Tue Jan 16 20:23:19 GMT 2007

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Marius Gedminas пишет:
> On Tue, Jan 16, 2007 at 10:09:04PM +0200, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> Don't understand me wrong.
>> I know that reading files from disk and writing them back is the simplest
>> part of line-endings support. I realize that proper support requires also
>> new inventory format to store file type and all other stuff, that Aaron
>> already mention in this thread.
>> So it's looks very simple from user point of view, but I'm aware about
>> underwater body of iceberg.
> If .bzrignore at the root of the branch is enough to support ignored
> files, wouldn't .bzrlineendings suffice for specifying which files need
> what sort of line endings?
>   *.py = native
>   *.bat = CRLF
>   *.sh = LF
>   subdir/ = binary

Support of such configuration file also discussed and I'm agree this file
is needed.

> Dealing with per-file properties like Subversion's svn:ignores or
> svn:eol-style is a Big Pain(TM), and it still requires each developer to
> either set up a configuration file correctly, or manually specify the
> properties for every newly added file/directory.

Not so Big pain as you say. Anyway even with .bzrlineendings config you need
internally create attribute for each file: text/binary, if text -- what
line-endings type. .bzrlineendings could simplify only one thing: we don't
need new inventory format. Other stuff anyway should be implemented.

> If the number of per-branch configurable options is going to be larger,
> maybe it is time to consider a .bzrbranch.cfg with sections, e.g.
> something like
>   [ignore]
>   *.py
>   *.svn
>   [eol-style]
>   *.py = native

Here I'm not agree: *.py should be LF-only, otherwise shebangs does not works properly
on Linux.

>   [pre-commit]
>   hooks/
>   # etc.

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