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Tue Jan 16 20:09:04 GMT 2007

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John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>> Aaron Bentley ?8H5B:
>>> Nicholas Allen wrote:
>>>> As you may remember I was evaluating Bazaar as a replacement for our
>>>> existing Subversion repository a while ago. Bazaar's development model,
>>>> features and ease of use would definitely be of benefit to us. However,
>>>> there were a few issues that Bazaar does not currently handle as well as
>>>> Subversion and which prevent us from migrating:
>>>> 1 No line ending styles for text files (so Bazaar cannot really be used
>>>> for multi platform development)
>>> This is pretty complicated to do properly.
>>> A stopgap would be to have a precommit hook that fixed the line endings
>>> whenever you committed.  Would that kind of solution be acceptable?
>> I think reading text files from disk with 'rU' mode is simple and fast
>> solution. But checkout files from repository on disk require replacing
>> of \n to needed line-endings variant.
> Well, you can write files in 'w' instead of 'wb' mode, which does that.
> The problem is that it breaks all binary files. And breaks files that
> *must* be in a particular line ending. (Visual Studio control files must
> always be in CRLF form, or they complain that they are corrupted). PNG
> files have an explicit \r\n in the header to force a corruption
> detection if they are ever auto-translated.
> It is better than CVS, because at least copying a CRLF file and checking
> it in under Linux doesn't cause it to become CRCRLF on Windows.
> But really, the only way to make it safe is to have a way to require the
> user to explicitly enable it. You can make it friendly by letting the
> user set some patterns for default selection (by default *.png files are
> considered binary, by default *.c files are considered text).
> But there are quite a few extensions that get double duty. The most
> common is '*.doc'. Where you obviously have MS Word documents, but I've
> also seen a lot of text documentation use .doc. '*.dat' is another one
> that gets used to mean all sorts of things. '.pdb' has multiple
> definitions, but AFAIK they are all binary, so it doesn't really matter.
> Anyway, I have a very strong feeling that any simple solution is going
> to break badly under a lot of circumstances.

Don't understand me wrong.
I know that reading files from disk and writing them back is the simplest
part of line-endings support. I realize that proper support requires also
new inventory format to store file type and all other stuff, that Aaron
already mention in this thread.
So it's looks very simple from user point of view, but I'm aware about
underwater body of iceberg.

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