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Tue Jan 16 16:11:15 GMT 2007

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Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Nicholas Allen wrote:
>>> As you may remember I was evaluating Bazaar as a replacement for our
>>> existing Subversion repository a while ago. Bazaar's development model,
>>> features and ease of use would definitely be of benefit to us. However,
>>> there were a few issues that Bazaar does not currently handle as well as
>>> Subversion and which prevent us from migrating:
>>> 1 No line ending styles for text files (so Bazaar cannot really be used
>>> for multi platform development)
> This is pretty complicated to do properly.
> A stopgap would be to have a precommit hook that fixed the line endings
> whenever you committed.  Would that kind of solution be acceptable?
>>> 2 No support for tags.
> That doesn't seem like a fair complaint, given that SVN doesn't support
> tags, either.  Martin is working on proper tags, but you can always do
> it the way SVN does.

Martin actually just committed an initial implementation for tags. I
know it is one of his primary items, and he seems to actually be working
on it now. :) (He has a commit message on bazaar-commits about
implementing a first draft of tags)

>>> 3 Inefficient 'bzr log filename' implementation.
> Point taken.  It's not too hard to fix (for filename.  directoryname is
> another case).  But people like me who don't use "log filename" don't
> find this limitation bothersome.  Is it possible that you're using "log
> filename" where "annotate" would work as well or better?
>>> 4 No way to ensure revision numbers don't change on a branch shared
>>> amongst multiple developers (or pushed to by one developer from multiple
>>> branches).
> I'm currently working on a new branch format, and plan to provide that
> as one of the features.  So a month or two is a reasonable timeframe.
>>> 5 Olive: No easy way to see differences in a graphical diff program such
>>> as Beyond Compare.
> I expect it's a few hours' work, given an interested developer.
> It's easy enough with the difftools plugin, though.
> Aaron

I thought Olive had a built-in diff between revisions. Specifically the
same diff as provided by 'bzr gdiff' (when you install bzr-gtk). And the
same one that shows up when you double click a line in 'bzr gannotate'.

I suppose he is asking to be able to spawn a third-party diff program.
But we have basic for that in the 'difftools' plugin, which will likely
be merged into core. (bzr diff --using meld).

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