Sharing files between 2 or more projects

Ramon Diaz-Uriarte rdiaz02 at
Sat Jan 13 18:05:11 GMT 2007

Dear Massimo,

I'll leave the answer to the first to more knowledgable people.

On 1/13/07, Massimo Manca <massimo.manca at> wrote:
> I am new to bazaar so I have 2 simple questions:
> 1. is it possible to share some files between 2 or more projects without
> requiring to have them in every project?
> 2. May bazaar handle binary files?

Yes sure. I routinely do that, as a simple way of keeping the binary
files that are part of a project (e.g., binary data files) or, even,
storing compressed dirs (tar.gz or tar.bz2)  as a way of storing and
moving around large, not changing, directories. I've never tried to
get anything from a diff of a binary file, because I assume it will be
meaningless to me. But keeping them in the repos, and noticing when
they change, is not an issue.



Ramon Diaz-Uriarte
Statistical Computing Team
Structural Biology and Biocomputing Programme
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