Lack of deprecation period for short option changes

James Westby jw+debian at
Wed Jan 10 20:12:44 GMT 2007

On (10/01/07 15:08), Aaron Bentley wrote:
> Well, then there is more than one problem with the way the package is
> being maintained, because you should not be able to install an old
> bzrtools with a new bzr.
> I'm diligent about keeping bzrtools up to date.  Bzrtools has never
> lagged bzr by more than a week, and my current policy is to release
> bzrtools when bzr goes into Release Candidate phase.

You are a great maintainer for a very useful package, I'm not trying to
suggest otherwise. I am just trying to cope with the situation that we
have in Debian where the maintainer has not been very reliable recently.

> Packaging errors are not my fault.  Trying disable my safeguards so that
> you can install untested combinations of bzrtools and bzr is the wrong
> way to go.

If you are sure that bzrtools can't work with a mismatched version of
bzr why don't you just disable the plugin entirely?

> > I'm not sure of the value of telling the simple package user of the
> > difference when it requires action on the maintainer's part to fix it.
> If the package maintainer was doing their job, you'd never be able to
> install the wrong versions in the first place.

We agree on that.



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