[rfc] about bazaar site and difference between download and installation

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Tue Jan 9 02:34:55 GMT 2007

On  4 Jan 2007, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm feeling unhappy with WindowsDownloads page[1]. But looking at main Download[2] page
> I think it's more than windows-specific problem.

I agree, there is too much text.

I think the page you get when you press the Download icon should have
the files prominently and directly available.

Also some of the distribution packages listed are quite out of date, at
least on that web page.  If the package is not reasonably recent people
would be better off installing from source.

I've had a try at that here:


> Actually our downloads pages taking about installation of bzr.
> Especially Windows download page have too many words, although I started
> separate page with installation instructions for windows[3] back in 2005.
> Now this page is out of date, but not so hopelessly.
> Can we cleanup our downloads pages to be more about files rather than
> about installation details, and provide links to separate pages with
> detailed instructions about installation? For me (as non-english man
> the main problem here is too many words and tendency to cover
> everything at once).

> Also, I'd like to simplify windows download page to provide short wizard-like
> guide to choose between 2 kind of installers. Something like questionnaire
> to choice between user system with or without Python installed.
> Because in regards to GUI plugins this installers is not equivalent
> I'd like a little help to better wording this in English.

If you list the critical points I will help you get the text right.


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