Bazaar t-shirt

James Henstridge james at
Mon Jan 8 06:29:21 GMT 2007

On 08/01/07, Marius Kruger <amanic at> wrote:
> === modified 'VCS'
> -cvs
> -subversion
> +bazaar

There are a few problems with suggestions like this:

1. the reader needs to know what CVS and Subversion are in order to
understand what it means.

2. it is unnecessarily divisive.  The people most likely to try out
Bazaar probably already have a favourite VCS, and may be turned off if
their first exposure to Bazaar is a t-shirt saying how bad that VCS

3. With great tools like bzr-svn, tailor and the Launchpad
vcs-imports, it isn't an exclusive situation: Bazaar can make you more
productive when contributing to projects using a Subversion mainline.
They don't have to give up their current infrastructure to try Bazaar.


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