Pushing a set of branches

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr
Fri Dec 29 09:49:46 GMT 2006


I've seen the repo-push plugin on the plugin registry page, and I want
to do something slightly different:

I have a project made of a set of nested unrelated projects. A shared
repository would have no benefit since the projects are not related,
and I tend to prefer standalone branches (no shared lock, so it scales
up better - well, I don't mind, I'm the only developer ;-) - and I
like the idea of a self-contained directory).

At the moment, I push using a trivial shell script:

function uniquify
    echo $1 | sed -e 's,//*\(\.\|\)//*,/,g'

for branch in $(find . | grep .bzr/branch\$ | sed 's,.bzr/branch,,')
    echo "Pushing $(uniquify $(pwd)/$branch) to $(uniquify $1/$branch) ..."
    (cd $branch; bzr push --create-prefix $(uniquify $1/$branch))

I tried modifying the repo-push plugin to allow standalone branches,
but I managed only to get garbage python code ;-). Still, I'm pretty
sure the python equivalent of the above shell script can be trivial.

Did anyone write such thing already?



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