[RFC] letting the commit builder assign the file ids

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Wed Dec 20 23:41:05 GMT 2006

The CommitBuilder can currently assign the revision id when a commit is
made. This is useful for foreign branches, as the foreign branch
implementation can then determine the revision id. 

File ids are currently generated whenever a file is added to the working
tree. However, these file ids are not stored by plugins such as bzr-svn.
This causes problems when commits are made from a bazaar checkout to a
subversion branch. Since bzr-svn creates different file ids for the
files that are added than the file ids in the local branch, both
branches will contain the same file contents and names, but possibly
different file ids for some files.

I can't really figure out a way to handle this properly. File ids will
always have to be generated by the working tree as it needs to be
possible to operate on those files before the commit. One solution would
be to always regenerate the working tree from the revision committed
after a commit, though that might be a bit ugly and have some corner
cases (partial commits etc).



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