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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Dec 20 14:47:14 GMT 2006

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I try to understand best way to work with our bugtracker on Launchpad.
> I have some questions:
> 1) I'm not completely understand statuses of bug. What difference
> between: `Fix Commited' and `Fix Released'? *When* I need to change
> status to `Commited', and *when* to `Released'?

For 'bzr' we follow the rule that:
  In Progress => Someone has started working on a fix
  Fix Committed => Someone has implemented a fix and has committed it to
                   a public branch.

  Fix Released => This has been merged into bzr.dev

I'm not 100% happy with that. As it feels like there should be 4 levels:

  1) Someone started on it
  2) Someone has submitted a patch
  3) That patch was merged into mainline
  4) That patch is in an official release.

We came up with the plan before we started doing time-based releases, so
some of it was because bzr.dev was considered stable, so anyone could
use it.

I didn't find a Launchpad specific bug about needing more granularity in
the status field. I might try to bring it up on irc (channel #launchpad).

> 2) How to filter incoming mails from bugs.launchpad.net to
> divide bugs of different projects? Per example: I'm the member
> of Bazaar project, Olive+bzr-gtk, and my own IntelHex.
> But I can't set-up filter rules to divide bugs from different projects.
> Because Malone use global numerating of bugs and no additional
> info about specific project -- it's very hard task.
> Alexander

Well, part of the problem is that a bug can be assigned to more than one

But I do see the header:
X-Launchpad-Bug: product=bzr; status=Confirmed; importance=Medium;
	assignee=larstiq+launchpad at larstiq.dyndns.org;

Bugs that are assigned to multiple products have multiple lines:
X-Launchpad-Bug: product=bzr; status=Unconfirmed; importance=Untriaged;
X-Launchpad-Bug: product=bzr-pqm; status=Confirmed; importance=Medium;

So it looks like you have a pretty good header for filtering. Though I'm
not sure what your filtering rules look like. But for sieve (cyrus's
mail filter) I would probably do:

if header :contains ["X-Launchpad-Bug"] ["product=bzr;"] {
    fileinto "2lists.bzr.bugs";

I'm pretty sure you could do something similar with procmail.

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