windows ftp server problems

John Arbash Meinel john at
Sun Dec 17 19:24:03 GMT 2006

ml.bazaar-ng at wrote:

>> There is also bzr+http:// which can be set up through a standard web
>> server, and should be able to support pushes. I'll let Andrew Bennetts
>> finish up the documentation about how to set it up. But basically you
>> can configure apache to use mod_python or fast_cgi to run a small
>> interface between http requests and bzr. It looked pretty easy to set up
>> in the little bit he has demonstrated so far.
> I like the idea, but that's too complicated for us right now.  I just
> want something easy - that's why i initially chose FTP - but that seems
> to be broken (or maybe the server is broken?).  I hope the log file
> helps!  :)

Well, I went through and worked out the details. And while it isn't
actually supported in 0.13 (we didn't actually expose bzr+http from the
command line). It is actually quite easy to set up. I sent a few patches
which update the documentation, and exposes 'bzr+http://' as a real

I will admit that ftp is not tested as heavily as http and sftp. But we
want it to work well, so I'll look into this a bit.


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