Announce: bzr-svn 0.2

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Dec 14 02:01:27 GMT 2006

I'm happy to announce the second release of the bzr-svn plugin. 

This plugin allows checking out Subversion branches and committing and 
pushing revisions to Subversion from Bazaar.

The main focus of this release has been on fixing bugs
that came up after the 0.1 release. It includes the following changes:

 * Fix "KeyError" problems (#64831)
 * Fixed compatibility with Bazaar 0.13
 * Fix "bzr checkout" and "bzr checkout --lightweight" for svn branches (#65220)
 * Don't fetch revision info until necessary (#64850)
 * Don't try to open remote checkouts (#67281)
 * Escape control codes in commit messages (#54736)
 * Add repository format for Subversion repositories
 * Plugin directory no longer needs to be named 'svn'
 * Warn about incompatible Bazaar versions (#66993)

More information (features, dependencies, etc) can be found on the bzr-svn
wiki page:

The latest tarball can be downloaded from:



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