Crash when a symlink is replaced by a file with the same name.

Wouter van Heyst larstiq at
Thu Dec 14 01:34:59 GMT 2006

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 10:38:48AM -0500, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> kjk38 at kjk38-laptop:~/mysrc/beagle-launch$ bzr ci
> bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: file
> u'/home/kjk38/mysrc/beagle-launch/m4/gnome-doc-utils.m4' entered as kind
> 'symlink' id 'gnomedocutils.m4-20061120153730-4rh98kxscgupp51l-8', now
> of kind 'file'

This looks to be

For a workaround, you can bzr rm gnome-doc-utils.m4; bzr add
gnome-doc-utils.m4 (you also mixed in a move from gnomedocutils.m4 to
gnome-doc-utils.m4 at the same time as the content change?)

Wouter van Heyst
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