Feature request: New options to 'brz inventory'

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at cante.net
Tue Dec 12 17:15:31 GMT 2006

I find using a lot:

   bzr inventory

to check which files are currently version controlled. However when
I'm in a subdirectorory, the output of 'bzr inventory' shows
path names that are relative to the root of .bzr

I would like to see couple of options:

   * to show paths relative to the current directory

   bzr --relative inventory 

   * to see version controlled files from current directory down only.

   bzr --relative --current inventory 

The reason why I'm not putting all files under bzr control in 
in common situation where:

  + download upstream sources
  + notice something needs fix
  + quickly set up:

    bzr init

  + followed by *only* the files that needs fix

    cd that/dir/there
    bzr add file.c
    bzr ci -m "- 1.22 original"

  + And fix the thing

    <edit>;  bzr ci ... ; <edit> ; bzr ci ... 

  + Ahh, need to change one more file:

    cd conf/
    bzr add config.conf
    ...<edit/fix cycle>

  + Hm, what files I have edited?

    bzr inventory

=> relative path names would be more informative.



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