Undo command?

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Tue Dec 12 10:15:19 GMT 2006

> I don't have a good name for it yet, since my favorite name is already
> taken. hg also uses 'revert', git uses 'reset' to do something similar
> to our 'revert'. Git also has the command 'revert' which does what you
> are asking, at least sort of. It commits a change which undoes the
> change done by another commit.
> So can we come up with a good synonym for revert? I haven't found
> anything very good with a couple quick searches.
> John
> =:->
I agree undo is probably not the best choice. Could we have extra 
options on the revert command? eg

bzr revert --changes 1..3

or another command 'revert-changes'

bzr revert-changes 1..3

So the existing revert command is a 'revert back to' and the new command 
is 'revert changes made'. In some ways I think having an extra command 
for this is better as they are doing quite different things and this 
could cause confusion on one command (eg the user forgetting an option 
and doing something different to what they expected). I think 
'revert-changes' or 'revert-revisions' would be reasonable choices and 
since they are not used that often the longer explicit name probably 
wouldn't be a problem to type.


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