question about merging

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Wed Nov 29 23:44:00 GMT 2006


Imagine a scenario where you have a trunk and a bug fix branch. The bug
fix branch is for a previous release and is where you checkin stable
code. The trunk is used for mainline development and contains new
unstable code since the bug fix branch was created. Suppose I create a
branch off trunk to implement a small feature. Then it is decided that
this feature should really go into the bug fix branch as it is small and
also fixes some kind of bug. If the branch is merged into the bug fix
branch all the new code that existed on the trunk will also get merged
but this is not desired. Instead you only want to merge the changes made
in that branch and not any that were made on the trunk as these changes
may be unstable.

How would you do something like this in bzr? Would you specify a range
of revisions to merge? I guess this is just cherry picking but bzr does
not keep track of cherry picked revisions yet does it?

There's no way to merge the changes made in the branch itself as a whole
is there without using cherry picking?


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