git and bzr

Johannes Schindelin Johannes.Schindelin at
Wed Nov 29 10:49:19 GMT 2006


On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Nicholas Allen wrote:

> [Linus wrote...]
> > 
> > So the tools are certainly there. "git status" just isn't necessarily the 
> > best one (or the best that it could be, for that matter)..
> I guess I hit a limitation in the output of status as opposed to a
> limitation in what git can do ;-)

I think it is something different altogether: you learnt how to use CVS, 
and you learnt how to use bzr, and you are now biased towards using the 
same names for the same operations in git.

I actually use git-status quite often, just before committing, to know 
what I changed. But I will probable retrain my mind to use "git diff" or 
even "git diff --stat", because it is more informative.

As for your scenario: There really should be a "what to do when my merge 
screwed up?" document.


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