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Jakub Narebski jnareb at
Tue Nov 28 18:43:39 GMT 2006

Dnia wtorek 28. listopada 2006 19:31, Aaron Bentley napisał:
> Jakub Narebski wrote:
>>>I notice that blame has an option to limit the annotation to recent
>>>history.  I can only assume that is for performance reasons.  bzr
>>>annotate doesn't need a feature like that, because annotations are
>>>explicit in bzr's storage format.
>> But you don't have content movement tracking.
>>>                                  I expect that even if we were to
>>>extend annotate to track content across files, it would still be so fast
>>>that we wouldn't need it.
>> I think not.
> There's no question that determining content movement could involve
> opening a lot of revisions, but you wouldn't need to examine:
> 1. revisions that didn't alter any lines being examined
> 2. revisions that altered only the file in question
> 3. revisions with multiple parents, because any lines attributed to that
> merge will be the outcome of conflict resolution.  (Other lines will be
> attributed to one of the parents)
> I'll admit though, that when I was thinking of this, I was thinking of
> annotation-based merging, a scenario in which the number of lines being
> examined is typically extremely low.

Well, I gues that with "annotate friendly" (weave or knit) storage
annotate/blame would be faster. But fast annotate was not one of the
design goals of git.

How fast is "bzr annotate"?
Jakub Narebski

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