Password caching

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Tue Nov 28 12:59:25 GMT 2006

This is a bad idea, but....
isn't it possible to use "sftp://user:password@host/path/to/branch ?


On 11/28/06, Nicholas Allen <nick.allen at> wrote:
> Unfortunalely, that is not an option for me. The ssh server is the one
> provided by my ISP and they don't support public key authentication
> (stupidly).
> But I think the option to cache passwords in a safe way would be very
> useful and much easier for the user to setup. Is this something that is
> planned to be implemented at some time?
> Cheers,
> Nick
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
> > Nicholas Allen wrote:
> >
> >>> Is it possible to cache passwords in bazaar so that one is not asked for
> >>> the password on every push/pull to sftp server?
> >
> > Using public key and key agent is usually the best way to avoid being
> > asked for a password via SSH.
> >
> > Aaron

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