[patch] improved ignore pattern matching (#57637)

Jan Hudec bulb at ucw.cz
Mon Nov 27 16:09:43 GMT 2006

On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 09:24:52PM +0800, Kent Gibson wrote:
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> Jan Hudec wrote:
> >
> > Actually the former does not. Because the two slashes in '/**/'
> > will not match a single '/' (while it does in zsh style, because
> > there it is actually '**/', that can match empty string). For
> > extensions (the more common case), the later can be used instead.
> > But if you wanted to ignore eg. CVS dirs, under your proposal you
> > have to say: foo/CVS foo/**/CVS while under zsh style it is just:
> > foo/**/CVS
> >
> How about the pattern 'foo**/CVS' - it will match 'foo/CVS' and
> 'foo/bar/CVS', but should it match 'fooCVS'?

Well, maybe a **/ should only be recognized at the begining of a
component, as it is in zsh. In zsh foo**/CVS is understood as foo*/CVS.

The rule in my original patch was:

_sub_shell.add(ur'(?:(?<=/)|^)\*\*(?:/|$)', ur'(?:[^./][^/]*(?:/|$))*') # **

which only matches at the begining or after a slash and requires a slash
or end of pattern after. It would be simplified to:

_sub_shell.add(ur'(?:(?<=/)|^)\*\*(?:/|$)', ur'(?:[^/]+(?:/|$))*') # **

if it should not exclude the leading dot (the value is my original value
of *** rule).

It is much more strict than just:

_sub_shell.add(ur'\*\*', ur'.*')

but the cases where ** is not separated by / on both sides are IMHO more
confusing than anything else. And the fact that if ** just matches
anything foo/**/bar does NOT match foo/bar is IMHO also confusing.

                  				- Jan Hudec `Bulb' <bulb at ucw.cz>

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