bound branch annoyances

Aaron Bentley at
Wed Nov 22 15:05:20 GMT 2006

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Marius Kruger wrote:
> 1) commit messages disappear on network failure.
>      eg. I go typing my heart out on beafy commit message,
>      and suddenly my network dies for some reason.
>      I only notice this after I saved and closed my editor.
>      And bam, my commit message is gone never to be seen again.
>     Could we please have the commit message stored in some temp file for
>     this kind of situations.

I don't know which bzr you're using, but does save commit
messages.  Unfortunately, the implementation introduces a regression, so
I'm going to revert it if someone doesn't fix it soon.

>  2)  if you uncommit  it also uncommits the server, which makes sence, 
>       but a better "Are you very VERY sure?" prompt indication that it
> will also uncommit
>       the server, would be nice....

We don't call them "bound branches" anymore.  They're "heavyweight
checkouts".  If you uncommit in a checkout, you should expect to
uncommit the revision from the branch you checked out.  Where else could
you uncommit from?

I suppose we could print the branch that will be uncommitted from as
part of the message.  That would be redundant for standalone trees, but
could theoretically be useful for lightweight checkouts as well.

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