difftools and FileMerge.app

Stephen Ward sward.dev at verizon.net
Fri Nov 10 12:56:19 GMT 2006

On Friday 10 November 2006 6:49 am, Jean-François Veillette wrote:
> FileMerge.app is a graphical OS-X application, it can be invoked from
> the command line using «opendiff fileA fileB».
> With the difftools plugin installed, I tried to use « bzr diff --
> using opendiff » but it always failed,  Looking at it, here is what I
> found out :
> - « opendiff » spawn FileMerge.app and return right away.
> - « difftools » remove temporary files (clean itself) right after the
> external tools invoked return (in this case opendiff).
> - FileMerge.app is asked to compare files  that doesn't exist and
> complain.
> This is a short term patch that will simply never remove temporary
> files created by bzr difftools.

> But it would be nice if the registered diff tool could dictate if it
> allow the temporary files to be cleaned, that's why I added the named
> argument to the tempdir constructor object (but I still don't know
> how the registered diff tool could somehow configure this object).

I'll take a look at adding that, but it certainly isn't a behavior that I'd 
want to have by default.  With a tool that does recursive tree diffs, that 
temporary copy could be quite large.

Would I be correct in assuming that FileMerge.app does support recursive 

-- Steve

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