bzr 0.11 crashes

James Henstridge james at
Thu Nov 9 09:33:41 GMT 2006

On 03/11/06, Johannes Wiedersich <johannes at> wrote:
> On debian etch, I keep track of changes of my /etc via bzr. Today I got
> the following error, asking to post my output.
> Regards, Johannes
> johannes2:/etc# bzr status
> Bzrtools is not up to date with installed bzr version 0.11.0.
> There should be a newer version available, e.g. 0.11.
> bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: file
> u'/etc/localtime' entered as kind 'symlink' id
> 'localtime-20061031140522-t1wkr8k6ne23b48k-106', now of kind 'file'

Bazaar doesn't support files changing into symlinks or vice versa.  If
you want to replace a symlink with a file, do a "bzr rm" followed by a
"bzr add".


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