Pushing into shared repository without trees on SMB share is not using repository to store revisions

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Wed Nov 1 19:05:09 GMT 2006

Not sure if I was really clear on that. But pushing into a shared 
repository was not using the repository to store the revisions but 
copying them inside the push location. If I use bzr to branch within the 
shared repository and then use that as a push location then the 
revisions are not used but shared in the repository as I would expect...

Nicholas Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> I setup a shared repository without trees on a Windows network share. 
> I then tried to push my changes to the shared repository thinking that 
> it would not copy the revision history and create a slim branch on the 
> server. However, it is recreating the history even though I am pushing 
> inside the repository. It shouldn't do that should it?
> Nick

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