0.13 release manager; new committers

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at imag.fr
Tue Oct 31 11:45:40 GMT 2006

Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net> writes:

>> I'd also at this time like to add Andrew, Wouter, Jelmer, and
>> Alexander as pqm committers.  They've all done good work so far and
>> I hope this will make it easier for them.

Side-note: this sort of emails would deserve to be GPG-signed ;-).
Social engineering ...

> Thanks for the trust.
> But... I'm still lack of history horizon feature in bzr.

Or pqm accepting bundles feature.

> I don't have the resources to upload complete bzr.dev history
> outside of my local machine. So, may be in next time.

Is it a matter of bandwidth or webspace?

Launchpad can host your branch, and I believe someone else can upload
an initial revision of bzr.dev to which you could push.


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