simple question

Olivier Grisel ogrisel at
Tue Oct 31 00:00:20 GMT 2006

Cheuksan Edward Wang a écrit :
> When I run benchmark, I see 2 different times. What are they?
> ...8.DecodingBenchmarks.test_decode_1k_by_1k_ascii_cached   OK   703ms/ 
> 776ms
> ...e_utf8.DecodingBenchmarks.test_decode_1k_by_1k_unicode   OK  3724ms/
> 3803ms
> ...DecodingBenchmarks.test_decode_1k_by_1k_unicode_cached   OK   859ms/ 
> 938ms
> ...cache_utf8.EncodingBenchmark.test_encode_1_by_1M_ascii   OK  1722ms/
> 1723ms

The first number is the time taken by the critical part of the test measured
with the time method of the TestCase instance whereas the second value is the
time take by the complete test (test setup included).


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