Bazaar NG performance on large repositories

Aaron Bentley at
Mon Oct 30 17:53:36 GMT 2006

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Nicholas Allen wrote:
> So creating the working tree seems to take quite a long while. Branching
> in a shared repository without trees is lightning fast though!

> bzr log some-file
> This command took a very long time. In fact, I gave up waiting for it to
> complete. No output was seen on the terminal at all - even after 5
> minutes. I think in its current state this would be completely unusable
> for us. I hope that bzr will see some performance improvements here.

log some-file reads the inventory of each commit, so it scales with tree
size.  That's a limit of the current implementation, though.  We can
look at each file to see what revisions modified it, though I'm not sure
whether that will detect all kinds of changes.

> bzr diff
> Took about 30 seconds to complete. It claimed all files had
> modifications "(properties changed)" but there were no code changes
> except the file I modified. What could these property changes be? Is
> this a possible bug?

That would be the execute bit.

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