Mass uncommit, then what?

Bob Tanner tanner at
Fri Oct 27 03:37:20 BST 2006

I downloaded upstream code into laptop:upstream, did bzr commit, did a push
to remote:upstream, went home. 

In desktop:my.branch (bzr branch of remote:upstream) I did a bzr merge, lots
of conflicts (thousands!) worked through a bunch and bzr resolve'd them.
Only to find upstream goofed and all files had goofy CRLF, CF in them. 

Did a bzr uncommit in laptop:upstream (nice feature!). Downloaded the fixed
upstream, into laptop:upstream, bzr commit, bzr push which had issues about
diverge, so I (mistakenly?) bzr push --overwrite the remote:upstream

To make sure things are "right" I did

unzip into upstream
bzr branch remote:upstream zzz
diff -uNr upstream zzz

No code difference (just bzr related)

Long background info, but the problem is I did the bzr merge in my
desktop:my.branch when remote:upstream was full of "bad" files. So, my
working directory has all the "bad" files plus a couple files I resolved
plus all the changes I've made in desktop:my.branch.

How can I merge the remote:upstream (good files) into desktop:my.branch, not
loose my local changes?

bzr merge says I have uncommited local change, which I do, but I don't want
all of those changes, especially the "bad" CRLF files, only a few of the
files I did edit.


bzr commit few-file.cpp
bzr commit few-other-file.cpp
bzr merge

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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