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Fri Oct 27 03:02:32 BST 2006

Jakub Narebski <jnareb at> wrote:


> I'd rather split "Supports Renames" into engine part (does SCM
> remember/detect that rename took place _as_ rename, not remember/detect it
> as copiying+deletion; something other than rename) and user interface part:
> can user easily deal with renames (this includes merging and viewing file
> history).

I think that what to tool does in its guts is completely irrelevant, what
is important is what the user sees. Sadly, it seems hard to describe
exactly what is meant/wanted here.


> 7. Checkouts (as a noun). This probably read "Support Centralized and
> Disconnected Centralized Workflow" but that is perhaps too wordy. Git would
> have "No" for "Centralized"

Why? We could all agree that some repository is "central" and all push/pull
there. Or send patches by mail (or apply them via ssh). Sure, it's not CVS,


> 13. Plugins. I would put "Somewhat" here, or "Scriptable" in the "Somewhat"
> or "?" background color for Git. And add note that it is easy to script up
> porcelanish command, and to add another merge strategy. There also was
> example plugin infrastructure for Cogito, so I'd opt for "Someahwt"
> marking.

Mostly an implementation detail for "extensible"...


> 19. Ease of Use. Hmmm... I don't know for Git. I personally find it very
> easy to use, but I have not much experiences with other SCM. I wonder why
> Bazaar has "No" there...

Extremely subjective. Easy to learn doesn't cut it either.
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