Bzr and large repositories

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Oct 26 10:39:08 BST 2006

On 26 Oct 2006, Nicholas Allen <nick.allen at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I remember reading a while ago that bzr used huge amounts of memory on 
> large repositories. Is this still the case? We have a very large svn 
> repository (about 40,000 revisions and many Gb in size). Do you think 
> this will be hard for bzr to handle?

That would be hard for bzr 0.12.  We're working on improving Bazaar to
scale up to repositories of that size or larger.

If you can say more about the character of the repository it would be
interesting, such as 

  how many files and directories are there in one version of the source

  what's the distribution of individual file sizes - average and

  how many branches, developers, and commits per day?

  how does Subversion do with this load?


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