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Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil at
Wed Oct 25 13:56:53 BST 2006

>>>>> "Nicholas" == Nicholas Allen <allen at> writes:

    Nicholas> Hi,

    Nicholas> Another thing that we need to consider is support
    Nicholas> for Mac OSX.

10.4.x ?

    Nicholas> I know there are ports of bzr to mac but they seem
    Nicholas> to be out of date.

Installing from source worked fine for me. From there you can
always upgrade to newer versions with bzr itself.

    Nicholas> Does anyone have experience with getting the latest
    Nicholas> version to run on mac? Are there any problems that
    Nicholas> I should expect?

It will mostly depends on which version of python you want to
install and then from where you get at them.

At you will find all you have
to know about python on mac.

If you want the latest:

I went with

If you plan to use sftp you also may want to install paramiko
(which in turns requires pycrypto).

And that should be enough. It was for me and it takes more time
to research the above infos than install the needed software :)

Now you can surely get to the same results by using darwin ports
or fink as your source.


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