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Erik Bågfors zindar at
Tue Oct 24 00:14:02 BST 2006

This is starting to turn into a "my VCS it better than yours"
discussion rather then anything else.  That's unfortunate....

> Which means that "gitk --all" means show whole DAG in graphical history viewer.
> As in bzr there is no command (nor plugin) to clone whole repository,

But it wouldn't be hard to create one...

> I guess that the answer is that you can't do this. But perhaps
> I'm mistaken, and you can do this in bzr-gtk/bzrk...

As of now there is no way to do it due to the fact that nobody has
done it yet. You can ofcourse clone branches into a common repo and do
operations on that. For example, there is a plugin that allows you to
list heads in a repo (and not in branches). So basically, if you loose
a branch, you can still find the head in the repository and recreate
the branch.

I don't see any problem doing a "gitk --all" equivalent in bzr.
Personally, I don't really have a need for it.

> BTW. The following question IIRC remained unanswered: can you easily
> in bzr create branch off arbitrary revision (for example deciding that
> stable branch should start two revisions back in history from development
> branch)?

bzr branch -r-2 development stable
(or "bzr branch -rrevid:foobar" to start at revision id "foobar")

very easy.


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